Smartphones and AR: Scandit Optimizes Barcode Scanning at dm

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Innovative MatrixScan solution streamlines store processes enabled by smartphones

Zurich, Switzerland – November 16, 2017 – German drugstore chain dm is streamlining merchandise management processes with the smartphone-based Scandit MatrixScan barcode scanning and augmented reality tracking solution.

At dm’s approximately 3,450 stores, about 25,000 employees can now use their smartphones to capture multiple barcodes with a single scan and speed up various scan-enabled processes. Scandit’s MatrixScan technology also allows associates to select one specific barcode from a scan of several codes, dramatically improving  search accuracy. The Scandit barcode reading algorithm ensures fast and smooth data capture, even on blurred and illegible codes. Relying on the smartphone’s built-in camera, the solution allows users to scan from a greater distance and from all angles. These capabilities enable dm to significantly reduce the time required to handle various in-store processes.

MatrixScan also delivers augmented reality feedback, which provides users with real-time graphical data, facilitating immediate error detection. For example, correct barcodes are highlighted in green on the smartphone’s display, while incorrect barcodes are highlighted in red.

In addition to optimizing merchandise management processes, dm’s mobile barcode scanning solution also enables the retrieval of product data, giving sales associates direct access to critical information. By scanning a barcode, store associates can identify products quickly, enabling better customer service.

Scandit MatrixScan is fully integrated into dm’s back-end systems.

“With the use of smartphones and MatrixScan, we are taking a big step forward in the continuing digitization of our processes,” explains Roman Melcher, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG in Karlsruhe, Germany. “Scandit provides us with a future-proof solution for barcode scanning that is easy to use, fast and very efficient.“

“We are pleased that dm has chosen our MatrixScan solution,” says Samuel Müller, CEO and co-founder of Scandit in Zurich. “The ambitious project shows that the combination of smartphones and MatrixScan enables a successful transformation of critical business processes.”

About Scandit
Scandit is the leading enterprise mobility and data capture company, specializing in barcode scanning solutions that transform business processes across industries including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and retail. Through its software technologies and cloud services, Scandit empowers organizations to rapidly build, deploy and manage mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. The resulting solutions offer a lower total cost of ownership than traditional, dedicated devices. Scandit’s solutions portfolio includes patented, software-based optical data capture technology, an innovative iPhone Case and rapidly deployable enterprise mobile apps. Built on its ‘Flow’ Mobile Application Development Platform (MADP) for Data Capture, the company’s cloud-based mobility solutions are enabling business transformation for thousands of businesses worldwide, including top brands Cardinal Health, Coop, NASA and Verizon Wireless.

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