The Power of Analytics: Tracking Barcode Scanning Behaviors

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Did you know that businesses can use data captured with mobile barcode scanning apps to learn more about customer and employee behaviors? With the right tools, this information can be condensed down into actionable insights that drive efficiency and superior customer experiences. But with so many analytics tools at your disposal—and so much information to explore—it can be challenging to find the most strategic approach for your tracking efforts.

At Scandit, we specialize in creating mobile data capture solutions that deliver impactful business insights. Over the past decade, we’ve been helping companies across almost every industry unlock valuable information on app users through the power of smart device-based analytics. Today, we’ll be walking you through some of the many benefits of tracking user behaviors through your barcode scanning app—and how you can use Scandit technology to make app analytics a breeze.

The Value Behind Real-Time Analytics

Consumer behaviors and preferences are constantly shifting in response to new technologies. With real-time analytics for your barcode scanning app, your team can proactively monitor user activities to accommodate new demands. For example, let’s say you invest in real-time analytics for your mobile shopping app. This grants you robust real-time analytics on user scanning behaviors, enabling you to see the exact number of scans completed each day, week or month on different platforms.

Thanks to this newfound user information, you can identify exactly when, where and how shoppers are interacting with your brand. If you discover that more users are scanning products in your brick-and-mortar stores than at home during the summer months, you might consider implementing a seasonal promotion or reward system for in-store scanners—further driving revenue. Or, you might discover that a vast majority of users are scanning items at home instead of in stores, allowing you to focus on optimizing your app catalog for high-performance barcode scanning.

Develop With Clarity & Confidence

The greatest upside of real-time app analytics is that they provide guidance and clear performance data for your development efforts. You can experiment with different features to assess how useful they are for users—or discover opportunities for new features based on user data. Are your app users trying to scan multiple barcodes within a short span of time? Then it might be time to invest in a premium tool featuring augmented reality to enable multiple barcode scanning. Are users abandoning scans due to subpar speed or accuracy? Then it’s time to look into data capture software that offers superior scanning performance for your barcode scanning app.

More advanced analytics tools can even give you a rundown on which barcode types are being scanned, giving you a better understanding of the most useful symbologies your enterprise uses. Other useful analytics include top scanning devices and specific details on devices, which you can use to assess the performance and productivity of specific users. This data is particularly beneficial for mobile apps employed by staff members. From device models and scanning dates to activation times and scan counts, real-time barcode scanning analytics give your enterprise the information to understand and improve its mobile data capture workflows.

Scandit Solutions for Scanning App Analytics

Select data capture solutions offer app developers easy access to real-time barcode scanning analytics. For example, our SDK Barcode Scanner software analyzes which products or items mobile app users scan, where these scans take place, and how often they occur. Your team can use these insights to better understand the behaviors of users and how they interact with products. SDK analytics even allow you to determine whether app users are scanning items at home or in a brick-and-mortar store, giving you a clear picture of how your customers prefer to engage with your brand.

With the Scandit solution, you can easily gather and process live customer scan data—revealing opportunities to identify and address emerging user needs, create new revenue opportunities, and maximize retention. Real-time analytics from the Barcode Scanner SDK give you a competitive edge over other brands, empowering your team to create superior applications that deliver real business value. Device-specific scanning behaviors can be tracked day by day, minute by minute using simple charts, making the SDK one of the most intuitive app analytics tools on the market.

Checking app analytics with the SDK is easy: just open up your account dashboard for a basic overview of your account status, scanning activity and device activations. With just a few more taps of your smart device, you can access a detailed barcode breakdown showing which types of codes app users are scanning. Best of all, you can export these business insights into CSV files with the tap of a button—distributing them across your team to ensure transparency and swift responses.

Unlock the Power of App Analytics With Scandit

Want to see firsthand how easy it can be to leverage scanning app analytics? Then be sure to check out the free 30-day trial for our SDK. The SDK is compatible with a wide range of 1D and 2D symbologies, making it ideal for retail workflows, OEM barcode scanning and more. This demo will give you the opportunity to test out our full analytics capabilities—and benefit from the SDK’s enterprise-grade scanning performance. You can also contact us for more detailed insights into the world of scanning app analytics or barcode scanning apps in general. Our team’s always here to help.

Last but not least, feel free to explore our whitepapers and other downloadable content for more info on our mobile data capture software. These free resources can help you find the best barcode scanning solution for your unique business goals—and ensure it’s implemented seamlessly into your existing enterprise workflows.