3 Reasons Retailers Use Smart Devices with Barcode Scanning Software for mPoD

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Mobile proof of delivery

Today’s consumers expect fast and effortless delivery experiences when ordering products, which is why leading retailers are investing in more efficient delivery management systems. By improving its delivery fulfillment processes, your organization can reduce operational errors, eliminate paperwork and boost productivity across the entire supply chain. But with so many technologies and practices to choose from, it can be challenging to pin down exactly which initiatives your team should pursue to achieve meaningful results for the enterprise.

As a leading developer of mobile data capture technology, Scandit is proud to support the growth and success of retail brands through comprehensive data capture solutions. Over the years, we’ve worked with retailers across the world to create mobile data capture applications that deliver exceptional shopping experiences and optimize business efficiency. Ultimately, our goal is to provide today’s retailers with all of the tools and support they need to excel in this challenging, dynamic industry. That’s why we’ll be spending a few minutes today to discuss how your organization can leverage mobile barcode scanning to manage deliveries and enable greater efficiency across your enterprise.

The Advantages of Mobile Proof of Delivery

One of the most popular applications of Scandit’s barcode scanning technology is mobile proof of delivery (mPoD). Mobile proof of delivery allows retailers to consolidate devices used to manage the delivery process into a single, easily accessible smartphone or tablet. By equipping your delivery people with smart devices for mPoD, they can quickly capture proof of delivery, document missing or damaged shipments and transfer this vital information into your workflow appropriately. Smart devices can also help dispatchers determine the fastest delivery routes to maximize productivity. Your delivery drivers can even use their smart devices to track shipments and plan itineraries, ensuring efficient and effective daily operations.

It’s also important to note that mobile PoD with smart devices can help you lower total cost of ownership (TCO). While traditional barcode scanning devices are undeniably powerful, they’re also very expensive to purchase and maintain, which is why retailers are transitioning to smart device equipped with barcode scanning software. When equipped with barcode scanning software—like our Barcode Scanner SDK— smart devices can deliver the same enterprise-grade scanning performance as traditional scanners at a fraction of the cost, significantly reducing TCO.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of incorporating smart devices with barcode scanning software into your mPoD system is that it streamlines the entire delivery process. A vast majority of dispatchers already use smartphones in their daily lives, removing technical difficulties and the need for training when implementing barcode scanning smart devices into their delivery operations. By combining smart devices with Scandit’s peerless data capture technology, your dispatchers can quickly and easily scan barcodes and confirm PoD, bringing convenience and much-needed simplicity to the delivery process.

Scandit’s Proof of Delivery Solution

Now that you have a better understanding of how barcode scanning-enabled smart devices can improve your delivery management operations, let’s discuss the specific benefits that Scandit’s mPoD Solution brings to your enterprise. This solution is designed to extend your Enterprise Resource Planning, Warehouse Management Systems and Transportation Management system to your mobile workforce. It effectively provides employees, drivers, contractors and couriers with a streamlined mobile app that captures PoD from a single device. A few key benefits of our solution include the following:

  1. Performance

The Scandit mPoD Solution is built around the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK, barcode scanning software that delivers unrivaled scanning speed and accuracy to smart devices. MatrixScan enables users to simultaneously scan multiple barcodes at once, increasing efficiency and usability. Scandit-powered devices are capable of scanning damaged labels and blurry barcodes, and even feature shadow compensation to manage poor lighting and glare, supporting your mobile workforce with unrivaled scanning performance.

  1. Simplicity

Scandit’s PoD Solution includes ready-to-deploy mobile frameworks, enterprise IT connectors and flexible configurations that make rapid app deployment easy. Your team can utilize these tools to deploy a barcode scanning app quickly instead of sinking resources into developing a custom application, bringing immediate value to your enterprise. Moreover, our solution uses smart devices to support all dispatcher tasks—including navigation, barcode scanning and geotagged signature capture—making PoD operations simpler than ever before.

  1. Profitability

Scandit’s smartphone-based solution makes it possible to mobilize your delivery fleet without the massive costs of purchasing and maintaining traditional hardware barcode scanners. Inexpensive smart devices powered by our Barcode Scanner SDK deliver the same scanning power and consistency as traditional scanners, fitting seamlessly into your current delivery processes. Our PoD Solution can also assist your team in reducing paperwork and costly scanning errors, further boosting your bottom line.

As the needs and expectations of consumers continue to evolve, retailers are relying on strategic partnerships with retail technology experts to lead the way through superior operations and service. By leveraging Scandit’s solutions and support, your team can refine its retail operations through efficient, cost-effective delivery management. Together, we can empower your mobile workforce to track and manage all deliveries in real time, fostering the smooth and simple delivery experience your customers deserve.

Make Retail Delivery Effortless With Scandit

Interested in learning more about how Scandit’s mobile data capture solutions can enhance your delivery management system? Then be sure to call or message us today. Our team can connect you with everything you need to understand and capitalize on mobile barcode scanning to improve your enterprise. You can also reach out to us if you’d like to gain more insights into mobile delivery apps or barcode scanning solutions. We’re always here to help.