NACEX replaced dedicated scanning devices with Scandit’s high-performance barcode scanning solution integrated with MatrixScan-AR (augmented reality) and OCR (optical character recognition) in their mobile app, transforming core delivery processes and enhancing customer service. Last mile couriers deliver parcels faster by scanning multiple parcel barcodes in a single scan, gaining significant savings in time and cost.

“With MatrixScan integrated in the smartphone scanning app, drivers can do the job much quicker, as they don’t need to read and confirm each code sequentially with the AR overlay.”

Paco Ontiveros, IT Director, NACEX


Speed up parcel deliveries: from distribution centers to the last mile

NACEX is a leading B2B and B2C courier service for parcels and documents, operating in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. The company provides value-added services for deliveries with special requirements, such as pharmaceuticals. They have an exclusive network of franchisees across the regions they operate for handling last mile deliveries. 

With a combined total of over 1,500 vehicles, franchisees receive parcels from NACEX distribution hubs every morning – sorting them into vans for delivery to the final destination. As part of the standard receiving process, NACEX franchisees use a dedicated device to scan the barcode on every parcel they receive, for verifying items and sorting them for delivery drivers. Drivers then scan each parcel as they load it on the van.

Offer high-performance scanning with powerful data capture and real-time updates

NACEX relies on technology to enhance the quality of service to their franchisees and customers. The company wanted to improve scan speeds and the type of information they could record for faster delivery and improved customer service. Superfast scanning was critical as NACEX’s last mile drivers scanned over five million barcodes every month. They also needed to maintain proof of delivery records for each delivery. This included photographing the parcel and the recipient’s signature, or scanning it.

Last mile drivers delivering pharmaceutical items have to abide by stringent temperature requirements and delivery times. They scanned parcels before delivery to verify that requirements are met. On occasion, there’s a need to pause or terminate these medical deliveries, and drivers must be alerted in advance of these updates.


Transforming delivery processes with barcode scanning app, integrated with MatrixScan-AR and OCR

NACEX replaced dedicated scanners for last mile drivers with an Android app that integrates with Scandit’s barcode scanner SDK, and extended its functionality with MatrixScan-AR and OCR. When drivers arrive at a delivery stop, the GPS navigation on their smartphone app determines their location and the parcels scheduled for delivery. They use MatrixScan to capture multiple barcodes on several parcels in the van with a single scan, where barcodes on parcels for delivery are highlighted on their smartphone screens based on AR feedback. 

Says Paco Ontiveros, “In the past, drivers using dedicated scanning devices had issues with scan speeds, and limitations in the type of information they could record and display. Scandit allows us to streamline processes, ensuring that every parcel reaches the correct destination as quickly as possible with full documentation.” 

Simplifying the last mile with real-time AR updates and data capture 

AR overlays on the barcode offer additional information to support quicker deliveries. This could include instructions for drivers to deliver items at locations specified by customers, if they could not receive parcels in-person, amongst other things. Drivers who deliver pharmaceutical items now receive automatic alerts through the AR overlays, if deliveries need to be paused or terminated.

For  parcels or packages with barcode labels that are badly damaged in transit, last mile drivers use the OCR functionality in the scanning app to capture the accompanying text. The OCR software captures multiple lines of text on numerous labels during a single scan from a smart device.


Delivery drivers scan parcels two times faster compared to dedicated devices
Last mile franchisee drivers use the barcode scanning app
Barcodes are scanned monthly with the Scandit-powered app

The Scandit smartphone scanning solution scans barcodes over two times faster than the dedicated devices NACEX used earlier. With as few as one, and as many as 100-150 parcels needing to be scanned for delivery at each stop, delivery drivers save a lot of time on every delivery. MatrixScan helps busy drivers identify, track and scan multiple barcodes with a single scan from their smartphones. The smartphone scanning app offers distinct advantages over dedicated handheld scanners:

  • It is compatible with a range of Android smartphones.
  • Enables franchisees to offer drivers BYOD (bring your own device) options, or equip them with a mid-range Android smartphone.
  • Delivers significant cost savings compared to dedicated scanners.
  • Scans barcodes in poor light environments of delivery vans.

NACEX also uses Scandit’s barcode scanner SDK in its own distribution centers, to verify parcels before they are distributed to last mile delivery franchisees. Distribution center workers use Android smartphones to scan parcel barcodes and locate unaccounted items, ensuring that they are ready for dispatch to franchisees for the final delivery.

While over 1,000 (around 70 percent) NACEX franchisee drivers currently use the Scandit-powered scanning app on their Android smartphones daily, the company is commissioning its use throughout their network.

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