Laser barcode scanning technology starts its market decline

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Laser barcode scanning technology starts its market decline

A new report released from VDC Research shows dedicated laser barcode scanning devices are losing their foothold in the global market due to emerging technologies. According to VDC’s data, global handheld barcode scanner vendors suffered a 1% loss in revenue in 2013. While this percentage sounds small, it’s a trend that will continue as enterprises adopt camera-based scanning solutions that are not offered by the traditional market leaders.

The barcode scanner market is undergoing significant changes, with the “consumerization of IT” trend leading to the advent of consumer devices—such as smartphones and tablets—being used in place of traditional handheld scanners in a variety of vertical markets. Technology like our software-based barcode scanner provides enterprises with a more cost effective and flexible alternative to traditional scanning across many usage scenarios. “Increasing investments in multipurpose mobile devices that can also facilitate data capture applications has turned the handheld barcode scanner market on its head,” said VDC’s Senior Analyst, Richa Gupta. Enterprises no longer have to invest in outdated, expensive hardware with limited use. Instead, they now have the opportunity to lower costs, increase productivity, and embrace the digital transformation that is taking place within the AIDC market.

This disruption is creating new opportunities in a market that has seen very little change since its inception. For the first time, businesses have viable alternatives that can match, and often exceed, the performance of dedicated devices. Software-based scanners also offer additional services to businesses that blend barcode scanning with the benefits of the smartphone experience. Now, services like cloud-based data storage, push notifications and data syncing are made available to AIDC devices; successfully marrying the hardware and software relationship.

As we move towards a more mobile workplace, and technology continues to evolve, we can expect a major shift in the types of barcode scanners being used by even the largest enterprises. The laser scanner simply isn’t the best solution for many businesses, and its inability to meet business needs presents a gap for newer technologies to take its place. Here at Scandit, we hope to continue to fill that gap by offering businesses what they want: precise, intuitive technology with performance levels that meet the needs of any enterprise.