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As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, and field service operations rebound, technicians are set to be busier than ever. MarketsandMarkets estimates the global field service management market size is expected to grow from USD 3.0 billion in 2020 to USD 5.1 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.0% during the forecast period.

In order to meet anticipated demand, field service companies are increasingly looking for ways to scale operations and increase the efficiency of their workflows. This is often against a backdrop of legacy apps and processes, as well as the absence of IT resources.

In our previous blog “Three Steps to the New Digital Norm in Field Service” we shared ideas on how to use technology in order to respond, adapt and scale during the pandemic. Here we focus more on scaling and how to integrate high performance scanning with minimal implementation to improve the efficiency of your field technicians.

Super accurate barcode scanning with no new infrastructure

Equipping technicians with Scandit’s high-performance scanning on mobile devices eliminates errors associated with routine workflows in field service. Whether they are in the depo picking parts, loading their van or on the road finding assets, installing and commissioning them.

All these processes rely on accurate asset tracking which when done manually relies on the typing of long – maybe 14 digit – codes. Barcode scanning eradicates such manual processes and can be added instantly to any existing infrastructure and legacy apps, with Scandit’s Keyboard Wedge. No complicated integration process is required.

By downloading a barcode scanning button to the keyboard on a smart device, technicians don’t have to type detailed codes and numbers into an app or workflow. They simply scan barcodes instead, which takes less time and is error-free and turns a smart device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner.

This is a simple way to give every field service employee a low-cost but powerful mobile barcode scanning app to complete tasks and track assets from the distribution center, to satellite operations, to the field.

Scandit Keyboard Wedge increases Altafiber’s efficiency

When US telecommunications provider Altafiber (previously Cincinnati Bell) implemented smartphone scanning, both productivity and service levels increased. They replaced dedicated scanners and cumbersome cables for their field service technicians with Scandit’s Keyboard Wedge on Samsung smartphones.

Our service technicians love using the keyboard wedge from Scandit. We’ve achieved improved accuracy in all conditions and made our service call shorter.

Brian Golden, Vice President, Field Operations, Altafiber.

For organisations, like Altafiber, who are looking to streamline their field service operations, there are a number of critical success factors to consider:

  • High performance barcode scanning is immediately enabled even on a legacy app without needing to make changes to provisioning systems.
  • Scanning is fast and accurate even on low-end devices in difficult conditions, like low light, glare, varying distances, awkward angles and even damaged barcodes
  • Expert guidance and technical support is on hand and accessible right away
  • Keyboard Wedge is a great tool to instantly add barcode scanning if you are using legacy apps or are transitioning to a new system. A new or planned system may also be enhanced with
  • Scandit’s native SDK which offers advanced functionality like MatrixScan and augmented reality.

To see how we could help your field service business meet post-covid demand, contact us.