Fix It, First Time, One Mobile Scan
at a Time

In distribution centers and out on the road, transform field service workflows using Scandit’s industry-leading blend of mobile computer vision and augmented reality.

Field Service

We help field service organizations re-engineer workflows and improve first-time fix rates, by moving regular tasks onto everyday smartphones. Our high-performance scanning software powers apps which simplify and speed up routine processes like inventory management, parts receiving, loading and tracking, and point of service tasks like proof of completion. As well as improving efficiency and customer satisfaction, you’ll have a flexible, cost-efficient mobile platform for future digital innovation.

Use Scandit-Powered Apps in Distribution Centers and in the Field

Take real-time control of your inventory, logistics and costs across field service operations

scandit field services diagram usecases
  • Inventory Management
  • Receiving, Sorting & Put Away
  • Picking
  • Handling Instructions
  • Customer Self-scanning
  • Loading & Tracking Parts
  • Search & Find
  • Mobile Inventory Count
  • Parts & Equipment Information on Site
  • Proof of Completion

We were able to leverage smartphones and tablets to reduce costs and improve inspection operations, all without sacrificing scan performance. We see the integration of Scandit as key to the success of our mobile inspection solution.

EXPD, OmniCheck

Enphase Integrates Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK into the Installer Toolkit App

Enphase Energy customer success story

Enphase Energy, a leading global provider of commercial and domestic energy management technology, used the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK to improve employee performance and productivity in the field.


Fix It, First Time, One Mobile Scan at a Time

Download this paper to see how moving regular tasks onto everyday smart devices with mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR) transforms Field Service operations for the benefit of customers and to dramatically improve productivity.

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