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As retail technology improves, consumers’ expectations for faster and more flexible shopping experiences is intensifying. Today’s shoppers don’t want to waste their time in checkout lines. And in the wake of the e-commerce revolution, any brick-and-mortar store without self-checkout capabilities is at a major disadvantage. Luckily, thanks to innovations in mobile computer vision, your retail enterprise can enable consumers using their own smart devices to self-checkout easily and efficiently.

At Scandit, we’re at the forefront of mobile data capture technology. Our proprietary barcode scanning-driven retail solutions enable people to transform modern smart devices (including smartphones, tablets and wearables) into enterprise-grade barcode scanners. Over the last decade, we’ve helped leading retailers worldwide create better shopping experiences that drive engagement and sales. And today, we’ll be showing you how a Scandit-powered self-checkout app can position your brick-and-mortar stores for resounding success.

How Self-Checkout Apps Support Brick-And-Mortar Retailers

Here are just a few key advantages that self-checkout apps hold over traditional in-store checkout systems.


In the world of retail, flexibility is everything. Customers demand versatile shopping experiences that suit their unique preferences and needs. And while in-store shopping offers invaluable opportunities to physically interact and engage with products, there’s no denying that this approach takes more time and effort than placing an order online. To address this, leading retailers are investing in self-checkout apps that empower brick-and-mortar shoppers to complete in-store purchases via smart devices. This approach gives customers more control over how they buy items, creating fully tailored shopping experiences that drive engagement and brand loyalty.


From an efficiency standpoint, self-checkout apps reign supreme. Not only do they make purchasing items more efficient for shoppers, but they also maximize the amount of floor space available to retailers by reducing the need for checkout kiosks. This opens up new sales opportunities at brick-and-mortar locations by maximizing selling space. It’s also worth noting that smart devices equipped with barcode scanning software are significantly less expensive to maintain and replace than traditional scanning hardware and checkout lines, making self-checkout apps one of the most cost-efficient retail solutions on the market.


One of the greatest barriers retailers face when initiating self-checkout solutions is lack of consumer familiarity. Most customers aren’t used to piloting dedicated scanning equipment, which makes self-checkout kiosks more stressful and time-consuming than necessary. All of this changes with the incorporation of mobile self-checkout apps. Because shoppers are already familiar with using modern smart devices and applications, it’s incredibly easy to complete the checkout process with them. This is especially true when shoppers can use their own personal smart device to scan product barcodes.

Scandit Self-Checkout Solutions

Now that you have a better understanding of how self-checkout applications can help you bolster retail efficiency and profitability, let’s talk about the best ways to implement these enterprise retail solutions into your own enterprise through Scandit.

Scandit’s software-based data capture technology turns nearly any smart device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner. Our Barcode Scanner SDK matches the scanning performance of dedicated hardware at a fraction of the cost, bolstering the efficiency of any self-checkout app. Scandit-powered apps can process blurry, damaged or poorly lit barcodes with ease. That means no training, frustration or troubleshooting—just simple, seamless checkout experiences for your customers.

We also offer Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web, which brings the full extent of our scanning tech to your web app or HTML site without the need for a mobile application. This retail solution can be easily integrated into e-commerce platforms (such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud) and hosted on your web server. With Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web, shoppers can open up your site on their smart device and start scanning in seconds, making mobile self-checkout a breeze. Whether you’re looking to augment your current self-checkout app or create a new one entirely, our mobile data capture experts can help.

If you’re ready to get started with Scandit’s mobile self-checkout solutions, then be sure to check out our demo applications. You can use these hands-on demos to see the impact our barcode scanning software will have on your enterprise operations. From configuring simple barcode scanning workflows for mobile devices to integrating scanning capabilities into web pages, we make it easy to get your self-checkout app up and running fast.

Make Self-Checkout Simple With Scandit

Want to learn more about Scandit and our enterprise retail solutions? Then be sure to connect with us today. We can walk you through the capabilities of our barcode scanning software and help you create the optimal self-checkout app for your staff and customers. You can also reach out for more information on mobile data capture technology and retail solutions in general. We’d love to help.