How Computer Vision Can Wow Retail Customers and Staff

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How Computer Vision Can Wow Retail Customers and Staff

There are many different ways smartphone scanning technology can make life easier for your store, customers, and staff.

Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK turns smartphones into enterprise-grade scanners. But that is just the start. Beyond that, it can open the doors to revolutionizing the way your customers shop and your staff work.

Barcode scanning smartphone apps, enabled with MatrixScan and Augmented Reality (AR), allow devices to do anything from displaying personalized offers to revealing product information. All in an instant.

Scandit MatrixScan scans multiple barcodes at once using the smartphone’s camera. AR transposes information over the scanned image on the device’s screen.

For consumers, this brings online efficiency, interactivity, and responsiveness in product information and offers, like online but in a brick-and-mortar store.

For staff, it both makes their jobs easier and saves them time. It can also help customers more effectively by literally putting information in the store assistant’s hands.

Here we look at what can be achieved.

Product Information Lookup – get online information in store

Reading and researching product reviews are one of the most appealing things about shopping online. At a click of a mouse, people can view multiple products against each other and see how they line up and decide.

According to Revoo, people are 2.7 times more likely to buy when they see a positive online review. Scandit brings the power of reviews and product information into the store.

Product information lookup can be enabled via smartphone apps using Scandit’s barcode scanning SDK. This means the customer can instantly access review and product information. All the customer has to do is scan the product’s barcode, and information about it overlaid on their device’s screen.

Personalized Coupons and Offers – because everyone loves an offer

Customers love offers, coupons, and loyalty points. With MatrixScan and AR, they don’t need to fill their pockets with coupons and cards. Instead, the store can give them personalized offers and coupons.

All the shopper needs to do is point their phone at the product shelf and scan the barcode. The relevant product offer is then overlaid on the screen. Best of all, these can be personalized offers that are specific to that store.

They can include cashback offers, money-back coupons, and even offer validation. For example, in the latter case, the application can remind people to scan the right number of products to get the 2-for-1 offer.

Self-Scanning – Contactless and Fast

Now, not everybody loves shopping while others are just time-poor. Some want to be in and out of the store as quickly as possible. Preferably holding the product they went in to purchase.

If that is the case, give them Self-Scanning.

Enabling them to self-scan with their smartphone is the best way to give them the convenience they crave. It also helps keep shopping contactless.

They can shop and buy products at their own pace. So you get an increase in productivity by freeing up employees from checkout stations and can optimize valuable floor space.

And Scandit’s enterprise-grade barcode scanning software will get that scan right every time, ensuring your customer will come back to your store and use your Self-Scanning app.

And there’s more. Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK will integrate easily into your existing app, whatever the device. In fact, it works with over 20,000 consumer devices.

So no one will have to go into the checkout line if they don’t want to.

Search and Find – let the smartphone take you to the product

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, no matter how hard you look, you can’t find the product. That essential item you need has disappeared into a mass of similar packages, big and small. It is almost as though it is hiding from you.

With Scandit’s Search and Find functionality enabled on your smartphone app, the ‘hidden’ product jumps straight out at you. All the customer has to do is scan multiple barcodes on the shelf with one sweep of the device’s camera. Then the correct item is highlighted on the screen with an AR overlay.

So you can find specific items or locate items by brand or even by category. Altogether, it means your customer is more likely to buy rather than leave the store frustrated.

Mobile computer vision transforms store operations

Mobile computer vision technology can help staff at the back of the store. There are jobs technology is better at than us. So why not let it help?

Sometimes, the eye misses the wrong price on the shelf. Or we are unable to find the right product out of the 100s in the storeroom. Other times, it merely helps us work faster but with less effort.

Customer Support – gives staff online-like superpowers

One of the great things about online shopping is it displays more information like whether a product is in stock, its size, colors, or the specifications.

But at the same time, that is all you get. There is no human contact or person to ask if you have another question.

Scandit’s enterprise-grade scanning software helps staff provide customer service with online-efficiency but from a real person. For example, it enables store assistants to instantly inform customers if the product is in the right size. If it’s in stock. Or if another store can send it to your home.

So the customer does not leave empty-handed.

Store Operations – the smartphone is another pair of eyes

Keeping on top of stock levels and pricing is crucial for the store. Like painting the Golden Gate Bridge, store operations are a never-ending task. Give staff the technology to make this task easier. So the shelves are correctly stocked with the right products at the right price, and the store has a better idea of stock levels.

Smartphone apps using Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK, enabled with MatrixScan and AR, can scan multiple barcodes at once and overlay information about them on screen. This can help numerous store operational tasks, like order picking, stock management, and price verification.

Moreover, Scandit’s high-performance barcode scanning technology puts the equivalent of a dedicated barcode scanning device in an employee’s hands. But at a significantly lower cost per device.

Computer Vision for Smart Retailers

Today’s customers expect so much more than just the product to be in the store. They want online service and a brick and mortar experience.

On the other side of the checkout, we can also make store employees’ jobs easier. Our products effectively turn a smartphone into an extra assistant. So it can handle some of the more routine tasks like spotting incorrect prices.

But, perhaps, more importantly, we help provide a contactless working and shopping experience.

The retailers that can adapt to this situation are the ones that will thrive. Scandit’s mobile barcode scanning software allows them to do that.

Soon all stores will be like this. So make yours one of the first.

Go here to discover how our barcode scanning, MatrixScan, and augmented reality products can help you help your customers and staff.