Mobile Scanning Enables Seamless Retail Success

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Seamless retail depends on real-time, enterprise-wide inventory awareness and customer engagement. To adequately meet consumer expectations across all channels, retailers need to understand their shoppers more intimately than ever before.

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At every point in the omnichannel retail enterprise, from the customer home to the store to the distribution center to the initial source, retailers need ready access to accurate product data. Mobile data capture is a cost-efficient and effective foundation for a holistic seamless retail strategy.

By scanning product barcodes, customers can obtain product information, check availability and make purchases via the channel of choice. Supply chain workers can track and trace inventory, pick and pack orders, and perform stockkeeping tasks. Customer orders can be fulfilled from any channel through any channel in the most profitable and timely manner possible.

In addition, retailers can collect a wealth of real-time data about their customers and products that can be analyzed to greatly improve seamless operations. They can adjust product assortments, planograms, pricing, distribution, and marketing and CRM efforts according to current factors.

Mobile data capture can further serve as the foundation for creating new opportunities for success, such as click and collect programs or targeted promotions. Learn how mobile retail app Ibotta lets customers unlock tailored cash rewards by scanning receipt barcodes. Scanning barcodes leverages the long-established, industry-wide investment in barcode infrastructure and creates countless new benefits for retailers.

By allowing retailers to perform enterprise barcode scanning functions with consumer-grade mobile and wearable devices, Scandit serves as the best mobile data capture technology provider in today’s market. Scandit technology delivers a cloud-based, intuitive barcode scanning solution that makes capturing mobile data easy and affordable on both the company- and associate-facing sides of the enterprise.

Retailers can also significantly reduce IT costs by replacing outdated, clunky dedicated barcode scanners with modern smart communication devices that do far more than read barcodes. Read more about the TCO benefits of mobile scanning in our recent eBook. Seamless retail takes a lot of effort, but a foundation based on Scandit mobile scanning technology ensures a strong payoff.

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