Why mShopping Is the Future of Retail

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Mobile shopping (mShopping) is changing the way retailers structure their online and physical store offerings. Mobile devices enable customers to shop anywhere—at any time—granting them the freedom to craft their own unique shopping experiences. And consumer demand for this level of flexibility and choice is poised to grow even more in the near future. In fact, Mobile Shopping Europe 2018 reports that mobile sales will increase by a whopping 85% this year alone. In light of this fact, retailers around the globe are striving to find cost-effective strategies for implementing mShopping into their physical commerce channels.

Since 2009, Scandit has led the way in mobile data capture solutions for the retail industry. We specialize in developing leading-edge barcode scanning software that can transform almost any smart device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner. Our overarching goal is to provide all of the services and support your retail business needs to blend the digital and physical worlds and optimize the shopping experience. So today, let’s walk through a few key advantages of incorporating a mobile barcode scanning solution into your mShopping operations.

1. Mobile Shopping Drives Customer Loyalty

Retail is a fiercely competitive market, which is why many retailers invest in robust loyalty initiatives to retain shoppers. Unfortunately, many organizations get so caught up in pondering over worthwhile deals and rewards that they fail to bring the flexibility and convenience that today’s shoppers expect. That’s where mobile barcode scanning comes in. Smartphones provide an exciting opportunity for retailers to enhance the scope and versatility of their brick-and-mortar shopping interactions.

By embracing mobile barcode scanning technology like Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK, your team can enhance its shopping app with peerless barcode scanning capabilities. This functionality allows customers to scan product barcodes and place orders inside or outside your physical stores. This approach also gives customers more control over how they interact with your brand. Shopping with a mobile device empowers your customers to design a perfect shopping experience based on their unique needs, constraints and preferences, fostering greater brand loyalty.

2. mShopping Uncovers Key Customer Insights

Retailers should always be on the lookout for new ways to gather data on customer shopping behaviors and product engagement. One of the most compelling perks of enabling mShopping through mobile devices is that it gives you detailed information on when and how consumers engage with your products in-store. When customers scan product barcodes with smart devices, it’s easy to verify when shoppers pick up your products and which offerings are particularly appealing to them. You can utilize these insights to boost the relevance and profitability of your brick-and-mortar channels.

By continuously tracking customer behaviors, your team can provide opportunities for shoppers to buy more. Adjusting your inventory and promotions around the products your shoppers crave plays a pivotal role in increasing shopping frequency and order sizes, supporting retail success. And when you add lightning-fast barcode scanning to your mShopping app with Scandit’s SDK, you make the process of ordering items effortless for shoppers, further driving product sales.

3. Mobile Shopping Fosters Brand Engagement

Because the retail landscape is constantly evolving based on the changing behaviors of consumers, many retailers struggle with staying relevant in the eyes of shoppers. It’s almost impossible to compete in this field if you aren’t embracing new technologies and keeping pace with shifting customer needs, especially with e-commerce titans like Amazon thrown into the mix. In short, if you want your brand to engage with shoppers and stay relevant, you should always strive to make your mobile shopping experience as compelling and interactive as possible.

With mobile barcode scanning, your business can enhance the interactivity its stores offer, making your brand more trustworthy and relevant. Brick-and-mortar stores provide unique opportunities for customers to physically interact with products, fostering more immersive interactions with your brand. No online channel can replicate the satisfaction shoppers feel when they first get their hands on the right product and scan it into their digital cart. Self-scanning is even more engaging when you “gamify” the experience. By challenging shoppers to find and scan specific items in-store, and rewarding them for their efforts with discounts or loyalty points, your brand can provide a highly interactive shopping experience that engages shoppers and keeps them coming back for more.

Scandit’s mShopping Scanning Solution

Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK is compatible with over 4,000 mobile devices (including low-end devices), combining exceptional scanning speeds with peerless reliability. Not only can Scandit barcode scanning software-equipped devices scan product barcodes at any angle, but they also deliver precise scanning performance in adverse conditions, processing blurry, damaged, warped and poorly lit barcodes with ease. Designed with modern retail environments in mind, our SDK solution is a natural choice for retailers looking to enhance their mShopping app with the simplest and most efficient mobile barcode scanner the industry has to offer.

Redefine Your Retail Enterprise With Scandit

Interested in learning more about Scandit’s mShopping solution and how you can capitalize on this technology to drive retail success? Then be sure to call or message us today. We would be more than happy to provide the support you need to understand and leverage mobile barcode scanning to refine your enterprise. Also, feel free to reach out to us if you want more information on the best ways to incorporate a mobile retail scanner into your mShopping operations. We look forward to hearing from you soon.