Scandit Wins Retail Technology Award Europe 2018

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Scandit and dm-drogerie markt have won the retail technology award Europe (reta) 2018.  The award was announced on February 28 at EuroCIS in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Scandit and dm-drogerie markt won reta 2018 for Best In-Store Solution. This award is presented to a retailer who has achieved increased efficiency and improved store performance through the development and/or implementation of new and imaginative systems.

dm-drogerie markt (dm) has provided 25,000 customer-facing employees in 3,450 stores with smartphones equipped with enterprise-grade barcode scanning technology from Scandit. With its decision to equip each of its store employees with a smartphone, dm has enhanced its support for employees in store processes. The company has been changing the merchandise management at its outlets in cooperation with external partners Diebold Nixdorf and Scandit.

In one new process, customers go to a dm store to pick up items which they ordered through a dm online shop. Employees use Scandit MatrixScan to read several barcodes at once from packages; the correct barcode is highlighted in real time with an augmented reality overlay. When packages are received, Scandit MatrixScan automatically manages the number of scanned packages. When customers come to pick up their purchases, the Scandit system again uses augmented reality to visually call attention to the correct package. The user interfaces were developed with SAP Fiori. Work in the stores has become much more efficient through optimisation of these processes. The solution is modern and innovative, and it supports employees in their day-to-day work.

Since most people frequently use smartphone apps in their personal lives, there were no technical challenges to implementing the solution in the workplace.

To learn more about Scandit’s award-winning barcode scanning with augmented reality solutions, watch this short video.

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