Scandit Mobile Data Capture Solutions Streamline Retail Enterprise Operations (Video)

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A new video highlights the value Scandit mobile data capture solutions deliver to workflows across the retail enterprise.

Watch the video below.

Scandit offers smarter data capture solutions designed to transform retail operations in customer-facing scenarios such as mPOS, self-checkout, and mShopping. In addition, Scandit mobile data capture technology supports associate-facing retail scenarios such as clienteling, order entry and inventory management, as well as supply chain scenarios including shipping & receiving and proof of delivery.

By allowing retailers to replace dedicated scanners with smartphone-based solutions, Scandit reduces total cost of ownership up to 5x. In addition, Scandit mobile data capture solutions enhance supply chain visibility by capturing real-time data points about key processes and workflows. Other benefits include increased employee efficiency resulting from streamlined retail operations.

The video also provides commentary from August Harder, CIO of Swiss retail conglomerate Coop Group Cooperative, and Philipp Wegmueller, CEO of Coop subsidiary RailCare. Coop incorporates the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK into its Passabene self-scanning app for its physical stores. The average basket size for a a Passabene customer is 100 Swiss francs (102 USD), about triple the average basket size of 30 Swiss francs (31 USD) of a typical customer.

“Our most loyal and best customers are using Passabene,” said Harder.

Meanwhile, Wegmueller praised the performance of Scandit mobile data capture technology.

“From our perspective stability is unsurpassed, which automatically encourages employee acceptance when it comes to implementation of the new app,” said Wegmueller. “It just works.”

The video concludes with a look at Scandit’s continuing innovations. These include the recently released MatrixScan feature, which enables search and find with augmented reality and decodes all barcodes, highlighting ones that match search criteria. Other leading-edge developments include integrating Scandit mobile data capture technology with drones and wearables, such as smart eyewear.

In addition to Coop and RailCare, leading retailers including Ahold, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue use Scandit mobile data capture solutions.

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