Scandit Partner Spotlight: Xenia Retail

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Scandit Partner Spotlight: Xenia Retail

Scandit’s partner ecosystem is designed around the principle that we should put our customers’ needs and requirements at the forefront of our partner strategy.

Each quarter, we’ll be focussing a spotlight on one of our partners and letting them describe themselves and what they offer.  Here, one of our ISV Partners, Xenia Retail, explains how they provide innovative and frictionless checkout solutions to help retailers keep their customers safe – and why they are excited about working together with Scandit.

How would you describe Xenia Retail in just a few sentences?

Xenia Retail is a cloud-based, technology ecosystem for the future of retail.

We provide the most advanced Point of Sale, Payments and Customer Experience platform and products to retailers/brands who are driven to make their shopping experience more convenient and gravitational for their customers, infusing the best of the digital world into the brick & mortar.

We are obsessed with retail experience and our goal is to change it for the better, wherever customers are interacting with you.

What are Xenia’s core competencies?

Self-Scanning, self-checkout mobile solutions for contactless shopping & fulfillment (ScanPayGo) – putting the power of the POS into the hands of the customer

Point of Sale (X-POS) and Mobile Point of Sale (X-Mobile) – cloud-native, feature-rich, mission critical and built for the enterprise

Curbside Pickup & BOPIS – helping retailers move beyond manual, experimental curbside options to truly operationalize Curbside Pickup and BOPIS for a better shopping experience and superior associate system effectiveness

Customer Experience & Personalization – blur digital into the Brick & Mortar to achieve an elevated customer experience through AI and influence shopping behavior in the moment of decision

Speed to Market – on average, it takes Xenia 24 weeks to accomplish what it takes our competitors 12-18 months, with the ability to deliver MVP in as little as 45-90 days

Do you have a vertical/industry focus?

Our primary focus is within Convenience-Store/Petro Retail, Grocery, Warehouse/Membership and Specialty Retail.

Do you have a geographical focus?

Primarily North America with large customers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, but we are currently looking at several opportunities that would fast track our entry into Europe and ultimately APAC.

And finally, why are you excited about working with Scandit?

In addition to the incredible team (the type of people you want to have a beer with) and best-in-class scanning technology (it’s not even close), the Xenia-Scandit partnership has, from the very beginning, brought us into several unique opportunities.  These opportunities have allowed each of us to elevate our individual technologies and truly deliver a solution that positively changes our customers business outcomes in expected and unexpected ways.

Partnering with Scandit has allowed Xenia to innovate and expand/accelerate our product roadmap, which has resulted in improved and engaging customer experiences for our retail partners.

Learn more about Xenia Retail

To hear more from Xenia Retail, you can watch our recent webinar where Xenia CEO Troy Stelzer joined Scandit’s CTO Christian Floerkemeier to discuss ‘Why it’s time for Self-Scanning: Now and Beyond COVID-19’.  You can watch it on-demand here.

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