Take Control of Critical Retail Operations with Scandit Mobile Data Capture

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According to Bloomberg Intelligence, US retail stores are closing at a record pace. As a retailer, improving the efficiency of operations and adapting to customer preferences need to be your top priority now. Scandit mobile data capture technology enables a smartphone, tablet or wearable to deliver the power you need to capture product and customer data quickly and accurately, analyze the data to improve the efficiency of retail operations, and transform your business.

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Why Scandit?
Cloud-based Scandit mobile data capture technology is continuously improving. Our Barcode Scanner SDK scanning engine constantly gets better with new capabilities like the MatrixScan premium scanning and AR tracking feature. Concurrently, mobile devices become faster and more powerful all the time, so you can respond immediately when demands increase.

In addition, the Scandit mobile data capture solution is all-inclusive. We provide all system maintenance and support at no additional cost. Our technology also offers unparalleled flexibility. Scandit solutions work with more than 4,000 Android devices and more than 12,000 hardware/operating system combinations.

This also means there is no need to upgrade your devices before deploying Scandit mobile data capture technology. Our solutions work with devices whose fixed focus cameras have resolutions as low as 240×320 pixels.

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