Video Showcase: Connected Commerce Best Practices

Watch Rituals demonstrate the unlimited potential of unified commerce across modern omnichannel shopping journeys.

Retail Nirvana = Connected Customers, Employees, Systems and Data

Retail tech is moving rapidly. Seamless interactions across digital and physical channels are a must – don’t let a frankenstack of legacy systems hold you back!

Check out these four videos showing end-to-end shopping scenarios with beauty brand Rituals, highlighting how computer vision-powered smart devices and a unified commerce platform create exceptional, blended experiences for discerning customers.

Perfect Click & Collect: From the Sofa to the Store

Wherever the shopping journey starts and ends, essential retail systems must be connected and notify customers and employees effectively at every stage.

In this scenario watch:

  • How a consumer app makes buy online, pickup in store easy
  • How a scanning-enabled smart device makes fulfilling orders in store simple
  • Turning an interaction into an opportunity with clienteling
  • Streamlined loyalty scheme sign up with automated data capture
  • Frictionless checkout with mPOS, including e-receipt

Endless Aisle with Impact: Never Miss a Sale

Make complexity history, when everything is connected with unified commerce from the shop floor to the e-comm warehouse to the customer’s doorstep.

In this scenario you’ll see:

  • Why there is no such thing as an out-of-stock with smart device equipped associates and endless aisle
  • Saving the sale, completing checkout with mPOS and creating the order in one employee app
  • Fast track fulfillment, giving real-time notifications and same-day delivery to ensure the birthday gift is received on time

Personal Shopping: Everyone is a VIP

Connecting people and data properly creates truly personalized shopping experiences that leave customers delighted and employees empowered.

In this scenario check out:

  • How effective information flowing across digital and physical channels keeps shoppers and store associates informed
  • Scanning-enabled smartphone apps in employees hands helping them deliver expert advice and exceptional experiences
  • Why a smooth payment process caps off a frictionless and fruitful experience

Ship from Store: Flexible Fulfillment

The right tools help turn your store into a virtual distribution hub. Dispatch stock from the shop floor to fulfill online orders rapidly.

In this scenario, watch out for:

  • How to entice a loyal customer to place an online order with a digital gift card
  • Making purchasing decisions easy with online checkout and same-day delivery
  • Rapid order fulfillment, as the employee is notified, then picks and packs the items using their smart device
  • How every delivery is tracked in real-time and a quick scan ensures proof of delivery
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