Deliver Personalized Coupons in the Aisle

Do your customers use coupons? With Scandit all they have to do is scan the shelf with their smartphone to see what’s on offer.

Multiple Offers – With One Easy Scan

With Scandit’s MatrixScan Augmented Reality (AR), the customer doesn’t need to fill their pockets with paper coupons. Instead, they can just scan the product shelf with their camera and receive multiple personalized product offers overlaid on the phone’s screen. Then just one tap and the offer becomes live.

Adding Another Dimension to Bargain Hunting

Scandit Barcode Scanning SDK enabled with MatrixScan AR captures multiple barcodes in a single sequence and adds information to the device screen as an AR-overlay.

This means you can show customers cashback offers, money-off coupons, and offer validation.

Cashback offers
Money-off coupons

In real terms, it adds another dimension to the shopping experience. And more importantly, it gives bargain hunters another reason to come into your store.

It also brings retailers, and brands, closer to the customer by giving them personalized offers when they are standing next to the products.

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Offer validation
Offer validation

How Augmented Reality Can Transform a Store Journey

Scandit’s high-performance barcode scanning technology has a hidden superpower: augmented reality (AR).

Want to check the ingredients? Or find personalized offers? See this infographic to see how AR transforms a customer’s in-store experience as they use it on their shopping mission.

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Upgrading Smartphones into Enterprise-Grade Scanners

What we do – Scandit’s barcode scanning technology brings mobile computer vision to your application, turning even a basic smartphone into a sophisticated high-performance scanning device.

What this means for you – with it, your app will deliver unequaled barcode scanning, text recognition, image recognition, and augmented reality, both for your customers and employees.

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camera capabilities

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There is no better way to understand the power and functionality of Scandit’s barcode scanning SDKs than to try them out yourself.

Computer Vision for Smart Retailers

Explore more great ways smartphone scanning can revolutionize the way your customers shop and your staff work.

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