Meet Your New Stock Checker: the Smartphone

Help Your Staff Work More Efficiently

People are clever but there are some tasks where technology is smarter. Smartphones enabled with Scandit’s MatrixScan Augmented Reality (AR), can help your staff spot things on the shelf a human eye might miss. Simply scan the shelf with the phone and incorrect prices, orders, and other data points are instantly overlaid on the screen.

Speed up Staff While Making Their Job Easier

Smartphones using Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK, and enabled with MatrixScan AR, scans multiple barcodes at once and overlays information about them on screen.

This can help store operational tasks like order picking, stock management, and price verification.

Order picking
Stock management

On top of this, it is backed up by Scandit’s high-performance barcode scanning technology. This means a scanning performance that matches dedicated handheld devices.

It is easier and cheaper to source smartphones, so they can be ramped up or down depending on your staffing levels. Moreover, the low price means it is more economical to give each employee their own device.

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Price verification
Price verification
Smartphone Scanning in retail

Add Simplicity & Speed to Retail Store Operations with Smartphone Scanning

In a changing landscape, shifting consumer priorities, and heavy margin pressure, smartphone scanning gives brick-and-mortar stores the edge.

Our eBook shows you how smartphones are digitally transforming retail operations, and why they are the answer for today’s retailers.

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Upgrading Smartphones into Enterprise-Grade Scanners

What we do – Scandit’s barcode scanning technology brings mobile computer vision to your application, turning even a basic smartphone into a sophisticated high-performance scanning device.

What this means for you – with it, your app will deliver unequaled barcode scanning, text recognition, image recognition, and augmented reality, both for your customers and employees.

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camera capabilities

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Use mobile computer vision to recognize barcodes and alphanumeric codes to verify product prices and use augmented reality to get instant feedback to identify an incorrect price.

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The Best Practice Guide includes how retailers can help employees navigate vast quantities of data from multiple sources, and why adding Scandit to your SAP system provides relevant product information fast and reliably.

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There is no better way to understand the power and functionality of Scandit’s barcode scanning SDKs than to try them out yourself.

Computer Vision for Smart Retailers

Explore more great ways smartphone scanning can revolutionize the way your customers shop and your staff work.

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