Retail Logistics – The Scandit Mobile Data Capture Advantage

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Mobile data capture solutions developed with the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK or apps based on the Scandit Flow platform are uniquely suited to streamlining retail logistics operations. Moving data capture activities from traditional scanners or mobile computers to less expensive smartphones, tablets and wearables significantly reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

Smartphones and tablets are also easier to operate in tight retail logistics environments or at awkward angles than traditional scanners and mobile computers. Scandit technology provides accurate, fast, enterprise-grade mobile data capture in challenging logistics scenarios such as poor lighting, glare, damaged or tiny barcodes, and long distances.

Scandit barcode scanning technology can read multiple barcodes in a single scan. In addition, the new MatrixScan feature of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK enables users to locate, track and decode multiple barcodes at once and adds visual feedback in the user interface to indicate which barcodes have already been scanned. Meanwhile, Scandit enterprise apps enable scanned data to be easily organized and arranged into forms, lists and workflows.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables text recognition for mobile scanning apps. This lets retailers add text recognition to their mobile data capture workflows and seamlessly switch between reading barcodes and text with the touch of a button. The OCR capabilities of Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK also allow users to capture predefined data from sources such as forms, packages and labels.

Scandit OCR is an ideal tool for capturing data such as product serial numbers, multi-line addresses, LOT codes, VINs, and IBANs. This also means that situations requiring both barcode scanning and text capture, such as a code that needs to be scanned and then a lot number that needs to be read from a product label, can be executed more seamlessly.

In addition, Barcode Scanner SDK now offers enhanced support for the localization and decoding of DataMatrix codes. A new direct part marking (DPM) mode scans Data Matrix codes engraved or etched into metal.

Scandit Case provides the ergonomics of a dedicated scanning device with a lightweight form factor which protects smartphones from everyday wear and tear at a much lower cost. Distribution centers, shipping/receiving areas, and back-of-store locations are just a few retail environments where dust, dirt, scanning volumes, and risk of drops and falls can prove overwhelming to a standard mobile device.

Keyboard Wedge adds enterprise-grade barcode scanning to any application without additional development or integration effort. This new solution makes Scandit’s smartphone/tablet camera-based scanning engine available without integration into existing apps, allowing internal logistics applications from enterprise software vendors such as SAP, Oracle, and JDA to scan on smartphones or tablets.

Retailers can also test out barcode scanning for logistics activities such as inventory management or shipping and receiving using Keyboard Wedge, without making any changes to app coding or investing in extra development.

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