A smartphone-based ticketing app that improves the business and customer event experience.

Fatsoma provides a UK-based social ticketing platform. With its app, Fatsoma offers an efficient way for event promoters to quickly check in customers to their events.

Using its built in barcode scanner, the Fatsoma app allows tickets purchased on their platform to be scanned and verified by event door staff. Tickets can be scanned from a paper printout or the buyer’s smartphone device. The app also allows promoters to manually check guests in, without barcode scanning.

The Vision – To create a cost-effective, accessible, and reliable ticket scanning solution.

Prior to the creation of their app, Fatsoma had already developed a marketing platform that helps promoters enhance the discovery of their events, but this just addressed one of the many problems promoters face. The ubiquity of smartphone devices presented a new opportunity to enhance the efficiencies of other aspects of event production. With the creation of a mobile app, Fatsoma intended to help promoters streamline the ticketing check-in process. The functionality would include tracking attendance numbers and event metrics, instituting manual ticket lookup in case a ticket was forgotten by a guest, among many other features. By talking to promoters, the Fatsoma development team was able to uncover where they need help the most and focus their efforts towards that goal.

The Challenge – Build an app that provides a better experience for both the promoter and the guest.

When evaluating different kinds of solutions it became obvious to the development team that the technology should speed up check-in times for event entry. Despite the amount of people, door staff should be able to quickly authorize entry tickets and speed up the process. Beyond check-in speed, Fatsoma also wanted to offer more features that addressed the operational requirements of promoting companies. For instance, due to security regulations it is crucial for promoters to always know the exact number of guests in a given location. Fatsoma’s real time tracking system solved this problem. And what if a guest has lost or cannot find their eticket? Fatsoma’s manual ticket lookup functionality gracefully addresses this.

The Solution – A software-based solution that is easy to implement and operate.

In the past, promoters had no way to streamline event entry through barcode scanning without the need for expensive dedicated scanning hardware. With the rise of smartphones and the nature of Fatsoma’s eticket ecosystem, they saw an opportunity to introduce a solution that would overcome most of the typical problems event promoters face. While searching for a technology that could support their needs, they discovered the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK and were impressed by its performance and reputation. The integration of the SDK ended up being fast and smooth, so Fatsoma could concentrate on building their app and improving their services. The Scandit support team was available any time to address questions, though the easy integration required minimal support. Scandit reduced Fatsoma’s need to focus on technologies they weren’t familiar with so they could focus 100% on their core business.

The Results – Faster event check-in times and greater customer satisfaction.

With the Fatsoma app, promoters can get real-time updates on how their door is performing, and they are able to keep track of how many people are in or out at any given time. Also, if people forget their tickets, the door staff can search for their customer’s order using the app and allow them to enter. The integration of the Scandit Barcode SDK helped promoters save time, delivered event attendance in real time, and reduced wait times at the door. All of this contributed to greater customer satisfaction.