Build Multiple Rail Operations Tools with One Device

We showcase how the latest Scandit Smart Data Capture technology can transform rail operations to improve rail worker efficiency and streamline operations. Ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

Some of the key features highlighted in the video include:

  • ID scanning: capture ticketless passenger details with a single scan, saving time and ensuring their ID is accurately recorded
  • MatrixScan: find passenger bags quickly. Just one scan will highlight multiple luggage labels on-screen at once
  • Augmented Reality: offer personalized discounts on passenger tickets. Great for marketing seat upgrades and other offers
  • Barcode Scanning: reflective screens are not a problem when scanning mobile tickets. So there’s no need to keep the customer waiting

By combining these features on a single device, rail workers can improve their efficiency and streamline their operations.

With Scandit, rail companies can give employees multiple tools with just one device. Watch the video to see how.