5 Reasons to Eliminate Paper and Mobilize Proof of Delivery

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Let’s face it: mobile devices are no stranger to the logistics and transportation industry. In fact, the majority of delivery and fleet drivers already carry smartphones on the job. So why are so many enterprises still relying on outdated, paper-based processes to execute day-to-day tasks like capturing proof of delivery along driver routes?

Here’s a look at 5 reasons why your organization should consider ditching paper-based processes and embrace greater efficiency in the last mile with mobile proof of delivery:

Reduced Human Error
Human error is a top concern for transportation and logistics operations of any size. Mobile proof of delivery solutions for smartphones and tablets can significantly reduce these mistakes with an easy-to-use mobile app that captures every step of the proof of delivery process electronically, and ensure packages are going to the right place with geotagging and geofencing capabilities.

Improved Driver Efficiency
Drivers can spend significant amounts of time filling out paperwork for a delivery. Mobile devices make capturing proof of delivery simple with built-in camera and touch screen for image, data and signature capture capabilities. This speeds up each pickup and delivery, shaving minutes off every stop.

Increased Cash Flow
Mobile proof of delivery solutions offer document and signature capture features that allow drivers to quickly collect and e-file documents from the road. This makes it easy to submit documents and process invoices on the day of delivery using a smartphone—speeding up billing cycles and improving company cash flow.

Lowered Operational Costs
Say goodbye to the high costs of processing paperwork. By cutting down the time to submit documents and process delivery invoices, you can boost your bottom line with improved worker efficiency and a significant reduction in overhead costs associated with paper processing.

Going Green
It’s not everyday that you can save money and the environment at the same time, but mobile proof of delivery solutions do both. Reduce your company’s reliance on paper-based forms and go green with electronic proof of delivery for your entire delivery fleet.

Capturing proof of delivery is a central part of ensuring accountability in the logistics and transportation industries, but outdated paper-based processes are slowing down drivers and costing enterprises significant revenue. By deploying a mobile proof of delivery application to drivers, fleet managers can improve productivity and lower costs in the pickup and delivery process.

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