Set up enterprise-grade barcode scanning in any browser-based application in 5 minutes

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Make 2019 the year you bring robust barcode scanning capabilities to your browser-based application with the Enterprise Browser. The process has never been simpler and no coding experience is needed. To get started, just register for a free trial and access the Enterprise Browser via our dashboard, install it in less than 5 minutes and start scanning barcodes. Yes, it is that easy.

Once you have enabled barcode scanning, you can immediately scan barcodes quickly and reliably to input information into any 3rd party web-based application.

The Enterprise Browser is a B2E solution that enables your employees to perform enterprise-grade barcode scanning even on blurry, damaged or poorly lit barcodes, at any angle and at a wide range of distances. MatrixScan functionality enables employees to scan a single barcode out of many barcodes present in a small space. Users simply click on the barcode they want to select while pointing at all barcodes. This provides unrivaled efficiency to your data capture workflows. Using the Enterprise Browser, you can integrate native-performance barcode scanning directly to your internal web applications and eliminate the need to create dedicated apps.

Works with All Web-Based Applications

The Enterprise Browser requires no changes to existing systems, allowing it to be used across a wide variety of systems—including customer application stacks and platforms for deploying cloud apps. This makes it easy to implement across your enterprise scanning operations. Here are just a few of the web-based applications our browser barcode scanner supports:  

  • IBM Store Engagement
  • Oracle Field Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Lightning Platform
  • Oracle Application Express
  • Customer application stacks built with JQuery, react.js using ASP.NET and other application servers

Many Scandit customers have already installed the Enterprise Browser and they are using it to quickly and accurately scan barcodes to optimize their workflows in a wide range of industries.  Here are a few examples:

An international clothing and apparel retailer uses Enterprise Browser on 2,500 Apple iPads for a faster turnaround of items handled for alterations in all their stores. With the scripting capabilities of the Enterprise Browser, users are automatically recognized by their store through the device management system currently in use.

A publicly-traded manufacturing company has deployed Enterprise Browser on iPads and iPhones to enable employees to scan barcodes directly into their internal apps built on the Salesforce Platform to improve overall efficiency.

A North American transport and logistics enterprise uses the Scandit Enterprise Browser to scan with both iOS and Android devices into their transport management system based on Oracle Application Express.

An international fashion retailer has furnished associates with Enterprise Browser-equipped iPads to scan barcodes into the existing IBM Store Engagement without requiring any coding, development or infrastructure changes.

Get Started

Register for an Enterprise Browser Trial Sign Up. Once you filled out the necessary details you will receive an email with a link to setup your password to login to the Scandit Dashboard. You can also learn more here.