Forrester Now Tech: Retail Associate Enablement Report Q3 2021

A Forrester analysis into store associate and operations technology.

Smart Tools For Retail Associate Enablement

Today’s store associates need to handle a wide range of tasks – from order picking to clienteling. This Forrester report focuses on the technology solutions available for retailers looking to empower their employees.

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Retail Associate Enablement Report

Improving Store Associate Productivity with Smart Tools

Customer and employee expectations keep rising, not only for information and service but now also for personal health and safety while shopping.

Store associates now need new processes and tools. These in turn require retailers to provide their employees with improved training and technology.

Digital business retail professionals need to understand the value they can expect from store associate enablement solution providers and to select one based on customers, scope, and functionality.

What’s in the Report?

The report analyses the market for store associate enablement technology, what stores are looking to achieve, matching the product to the need, and what to look for in a solution.

native app

Store associate technology

The outcomes you want to achieve with store associate enablement technology.

Built for business

Right tools for the right job

Selecting the best technology whether you are focusing on tasks like clienteling, task management, or collaboration.


Selecting store associate enablement tech

Focusing on usability, and then implementing your store associate enablement tools across capabilities that support these outcomes.

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“Retailers that invest in modern tools and training are proactively managing their frontline ambassadors for the brand — and creating a workforce with longer tenures.”