2018 European Retail Automation Technology Innovation Report

How Scandit helps to meet today’s retail challenges with technology innovation

Internationally-renowned best practices researchers, Frost and Sullivan, examine how Scandit’s innovative technology enables retailers to create the digital in-store retail experience their customers want, without a large infrastructure investment and within an existing in-store environment. “Scandit flips the traditional in-store dynamic by putting computer vision, and augmented reality (AR) in shoppers’ and store employees’ hands, using a simple smartphone.”

  • Why it’s essential for retailers to reimagine brick-and-mortar environments in consideration of how today’s customers prefer to evaluate, select, and shop for products.
  • The technologies in use today and why barcodes have the highest potential for boosting in-store shopping experiences and back-end processes.
  • Why Scandit’s products and technologies stand out as a catalyst for brands’ efforts to revamp their in-store retail experiences to better align with today’s customers’ data-driven needs.
 2018 European Retail Automation Technology Innovation Report

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