Go Mobile for More Efficient Inventory Control and Stock Taking


Improve Accuracy

Automating your inventory management process with mobile barcode scanning greatly reduces the level of human error associated with manually counting inventory.


Reduce Costs

By utilizing our mobile inventory management solution, enterprises enjoy reduced labor and hardware costs.


Integrate with Existing Systems

Scandit’s solutions come with backend enterprise connectors that make integration with existing ERP, PIM and WMS systems.

The Problem

For many companies, taking inventory (or stocktaking) is a time-consuming and inefficient process, prone to human error. Other challenges include easy access to detailed product information and flexible reordering and replenishment options. For many businesses, investment in dedicated barcode scanning devices may ease inventory calculations, but result in significant hardware costs over time. Other businesses continue to use manual processes that lack integration with existing IT systems. The result: reduced accuracy and unnecessary drain on resources across different enterprise departments.

The Solution

Rapidly deploy easy-to-use, customizable inventory, stock taking, product information and re-ordering applications for your employees without the added cost of dedicated devices. By enabling employees to use their own smartphones or enterprise-issued smart devices with an app featuring built-in barcode scanning, you benefit in a number of ways: streamlining business processes, reducing hardware and labor costs and reducing human error. Empower your employees to update stock or inventory levels, get detailed product information and manage replenishment on the sales floor, at the point of sale or in a warehouse environment.

Inventory Management Solution

Provide your employees with an easy-to-use mobile app solution designed for inventory stock taking. Get started right away with a free 30-day trial of the Scandit Flow app. Scandit Flow is easily customizable to include various aspects of inventory management, can connect with your existing IT systems and more.


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