VDC Research Foresees a Scannerless World

Recently VDC Research published a blog post that established their predictions for the future of barcode scanning. After taking a close look at Scandit’s barcode scanning technology, VDC confirmed that they consider software-based scanning as a distinct threat to the dedicated enterprise device market. They went on to predict that software-based barcode scanning could be both complementary and competitive to traditional solutions.

The post illustrates how, unlike traditional barcode scanners, which are limited by form factor, Scandit’s barcode scanning technology has the potential to effectively serve all verticals through the diversity, versatility and ubiquity of mobile devices. In addition, smartphone devices are still in their early days, ensuring that the smartphone-based barcode scanning experience will continually improve as the hardware becomes more sophisticated. To get a sense of the speed and performance of Scandit’s barcode scanning technology, check out our video:

For the full scoop, check out the full article on VDC blog.