Scandit Launches ID Validate to Detect Fraudulent IDs in the USA

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Zurich, August 30, 2023Scandit, the leader in smart data capture, today announced the launch of ID Validate, a new offering that can verify the authenticity of United States drivers’ licenses and state-issued IDs to combat fake IDs instantly, with no internet connection required. ID Validate shields businesses from regulatory risk, fraud, loss of sales, and theft while delivering a smooth customer experience in time-pressured workflows.

Part of the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform, ID Validate leverages advanced computer vision to check hundreds of characteristics of an ID and display results in just one second. This instant detection enables frontline workers to provide an efficient and frictionless experience for customers.

Fraudulent IDs are a widespread issue – they are used for a variety of purposes and verification is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming. For example, with 32% of college students admitting to owning a fake ID, age-restricted goods are being handed to minors, resulting not only in health and safety issues for young people but also impacting businesses who incur regulatory fines, lost sales due to liquor license suspensions, and reputational damage.

In the transport and logistics industry, delivery companies experience gig economy delivery drivers signing up to work with fake IDs who then abscond, stealing the goods they’re tasked with delivering. Package pickup points have been affected, as well. In the auto industry, car rental companies and dealerships are losing thousands because thieves are using fake IDs to steal test-drive and rental vehicles.

“Fraudulent IDs are a costly issue for many businesses in the United States, both financially and reputationally, across multiple industries. To tackle this issue effectively, advanced technology is required that provides tangible proof of compliance while working in real-word scenarios where internet connection may be limited or time is of the essence,” said Christian Floerkemeier, CTO and co-founder at Scandit. “ID Validate works instantly to detect fake IDs, even in offline environments, to reduce friction, risk and remove the need for time-consuming background checks.”

Innovative solutions for a sophisticated fake ID landscape

Having scanned tens of millions of different US IDs every year for over a decade, Scandit has observed that on average 2% of scanned IDs with a claimed age of 25 or under are fake. For nationwide organizations, this could mean thousands of fake IDs being accepted every month. These fake IDs continue to grow in sophistication, with built-in attributes which are impossible to assess with the human eye such as accurate barcodes and microprints.

Many businesses still rely on manual ID checking procedures, such as F.L.A.G. training, for their frontline teams. This has proven ineffective due to the time-consuming nature of manual assessment and the difficulty in tracking those checks for compliance purposes. Alternative software solutions are unsuitable for time-pressured environments, as they often require prolonged processing and constant internet connection. Operating offline for on-the-go ID checks, ID Validate is equipped to combat modern fraud in seconds.

ID Validate can be integrated into any iOS, Android or web-based application. The solution quickly verifies ID authenticity without storing or sharing personal identifiable information to protect privacy.


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