A Smarter Way for Supply Chain Employees to Work

MatrixCount Scan allows staff to count multiple items at once with smart devices – boosting worker productivity, reducing human error and maintaining accurate inventory.

How MatrixScan Count Increases Productivity and Accuracy

Companies need to accurately record received goods and inventory. Manual counting is prone to human error. It is also cumbersome and inefficient. MatrixScan Count optimizes processes for both, speed and accuracy. It can:

  • Speed up receiving, unloading, and inventory routines by scanning and counting multiple items at once.
  • Empower logistics workers with intuitive augmented reality guidance to make them aware of unsuccessful, missing, or incorrect scans.
  • Increase information accuracy in warehouses or at pick up and drop off points and avoid distribution vehicles unloading wrong items.

Scandit’s MatrixScan Count is supported on iOS and Android.

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MatrixScan Count for Faster, Error‑Free Workflows

MatrixScan Count is an accessible way to streamline time-heavy logistics processes. These include:

The support covers everything from initial hardware selection guidance, to implementation, to the day-to-day running of the application.

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MatrixScan Count Is a Triple Win – For Employees, Businesses and Customers

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Empower and Upskill Employees

MatrixScan Count’s intuitive user interface speeds up inventory checks and provides process guidance for complex tasks.

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Realize Business Benefits

Trust the accuracy of your data and avoid costly inventory mistakes and failed deliveries. At the same time, increase the productivity of even the most inexperienced workers.

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Create Happy Customers

Increase customer satisfaction with “on-time in-full” deliveries thanks to more speed and accuracy in your supply chain process: from receiving to unloading.

Get Started With MatrixScan Count

“Scandit technology immediately delivered a level of performance that open-source mobile scanning simply couldn’t match. Our mail and parcel carriers now complete deliveries with greater speed and accuracy, with fewer scanning errors that lead to costly mishandled or misdelivered mail.”
Pierre Prygoda, IT Manager, La Poste

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