Scandit Innovation is Focus of IDC Report on Barcode Scanning

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barcode on a phone screen

A new report from IDC, “Scandit is Reinventing Barcode Scanning with Mobile Computer Vision Capture,” details how innovative Scandit mobile data capture solutions enable seamless interaction with parcels, pallets, consumer goods, and other everyday objects.

Scandit’s mobile data capture software enables customers to leverage smart devices for barcode scanning, lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) compared with traditional barcode scanners over the lifecycle of the device. IDC also identifies potential cost savings that can be achieved by lowering maintenance costs, reducing the need for employee training, and gaining the ability to instantly upgrade Scandit software via the cloud and support instant OS upgrades from the platform provider. Opportunities to leverage a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy enable further potential cost savings.

To illustrate how Scandit mobile data capture can transform enterprise operations, IDC shares a successful technology deployment story from Swiss retailer Coop Group, which has integrated the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK into multiple consumer-facing and employee-facing apps. Coop employees use Scandit mobile data capture functionality to keep accurate track of inventory levels, which improves stock accuracy and availability. The retailer plans to utilize mobile data capture to streamline workflows in areas including expense and salary tracking, logistics, store merchandising, and forecasting. According to Coop executives, the retailer saves two to three times on hardware costs by using mobile devices rather than traditional barcode scanners.

IDC recommends that organizations recognize the continuous digitalization occurring in the supply chain in retail, production, and logistics and make transformative technology investments to address business needs and create competitive advantage. This includes investments in solutions that perform barcode scanning, which is important in consumer-facing, in-store and back-of-the-house processes.

Concurrent with the long-term growth of barcode scanning in the supply chain, the use of smart devices in business has increased tremendously over the past decade. Smart devices equipped with barcode scanning software are viable replacements for traditional barcode scanners. The utilization of cloud-based mobility and data capture solutions can reduce operating costs, decrease the risk of human error, increase productivity, and improve end-user experience.

Looking ahead, IDC says Scandit continues to innovate and transform the data capture market by redefining when, how, and by whom scanning is performed. Scandit already enables barcode reading functionality for cutting-edge devices such as drones and robots and is positioning to enable retailers to compete with omnichannel store experiences like Amazon Go. Leveraging Scandit’s technology, retailers can blend digital and physical shopping experiences in a way that boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty while streamlining operations and reducing costs.

To download the IDC report “Scandit is Reinventing Barcode Scanning with Mobile Computer Vision Capture” click here. To find out more about how Scandit mobile data capture solutions enable retailers to “Think Like Amazon,” click here. To speak with a Scandit Solutions Representative click here.