Transforming Retail With Mobile Barcode Scanning

Mobile technology has had an earth-shaking impact on the retail landscape, arming retailers with cost-effective tools to refine customer experiences and business operations. For example, mobile barcode scanning makes it possible for retailers to abandon traditional barcode scanners in favor of low-cost, easy-to-use smart devices—bringing optimal efficiency to retail locations, distribution centers and warehouses alike. But despite their numerous benefits, mobile data capture solutions can be challenging to implement into retail environments without proper guidance and support. And that’s where we come in.

As a leading developer of mobile data capture solutions, Scandit takes pride in nurturing the long-term success of retailers through strategic technology deployments that yield peerless shopping experiences and retail operations. Scandit delivers innovative mobile barcode scanner solutions to support your enterprise. We’re also passionate about providing retailers with the educational resources they need to benefit from mobile data capture technology. Today, we’ll be discussing how you can harness mobile barcode scanning to transform your retail business.

Mobile Barcode Scanning in Retail Environments

Today’s customers aren’t content with subpar shopping experiences. In the age of Amazon and effortless e-commerce, shoppers expect fast, enjoyable, frictionless service—both in-store and online. Fortunately, with the help of mobile data capture, retailers can meet and surpass these ever-expanding shopper expectations, positioning their organization for continued success.

Mobile barcode scanners make retail order entry and self-scanning effortless, enabling retailers to streamline order management and reduce the need for traditional checkout kiosks. Mobile barcode scanning also simplifies inventory management and clienteling, ensuring supply chain transparency and nurturing engagement efforts between your salesforce and customers. Retailers can even rely on barcode scanning technology to enable superior mobile shopping experiences, encouraging brand engagement and allowing customers to stay connected to your business, regardless of whether they’re at home, on the move or in your store.

Channeling the Power of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) is an emerging technology in the retail space. It effectively integrates digital information with each shopper’s environment in real time, enabling more convenient and engaging shopping experiences. At Scandit, we specialize in enhancing smart device-based mobile apps with advanced data capture solutions that leverage augmented reality technology. Our retail solutions can turn inexpensive smart devices into enterprise-grade mobile barcode scanners that empower brick-and-mortar retailers to create omnichannel shopping environments that rival those of Amazon and other leading e-commerce companies. Using an AR-enabled barcode scanner app, customers can simply aim their smartphone camera at items in the store, quickly capture barcodes in the viewfinder, and use mobile barcode scanning and object recognition functionality to learn more about the products and add them to their online cart.

The core benefit of mobile shopping apps featuring augmented reality functionality is that they provide shoppers with a digitally enhanced physical store environment that offers at-at-glance access to product info and availability. These apps can even be designed to track user purchasing habits and offer personalized deals to incentivize loyalty and additional purchases. Retailers can also utilize mobile data capture technology to provide seamless mobile self-scanning, creating superior shopping experiences and freeing up front-of-store space by eliminating the need to wait in long checkout lines. AR technology even makes it possible for customers to scan an entire shelf, and then focus in on single products for detailed item information, such as available sizes, colors and specific ingredients. In short, mobile barcode scanning and AR transform static product data into helpful, actionable information, seamlessly blending physical and digital channels into a unique omnichannel shopping experience that engages and excites.

Capitalizing on Click & Collect

Mobile barcode scanning makes it possible for retailers to cater their services around unique shopper preferences. For example, your organization can leverage mobile data capture technology to offer Click & Collect, a process that allows shoppers to purchase items online and pick them up at your brick-and-mortar stores. This is another melding of physical and digital retail channels that allows customers to shop for and purchase items from the comfort of home—and pick them up at their local store whenever they wish.

Click & Collect is a massive boon for customers who want to avoid shopping in crowded stores and dealing with shipping costs. This process also allows shoppers to order items online and pay for them in-store during pickup, making it an excellent tool for consumers who are wary of making online payments. By incorporating processes like Click & Collect into your retail operations, you empower customers to tailor their shopping experience around their unique preferences, delivering a level of versatility and personalization that few competitors can match.

Transform Your Retail Enterprise With Scandit

If you’re interested in learning more about augmented reality, Click & Collect, and how mobile barcode scanning technology can help your organization rival the offerings of e-commerce titans, then be sure to check out these exclusive resources from Scandit. In these documents, we uncover the needs of modern omnichannel shoppers and detail how retailers can meet and exceed them.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more about mobile data capture and how this exciting technology can benefit your enterprise. Whether you’re looking to invest in enterprise-grade barcode scanning technology, develop a barcode scanner app or simply educate yourself on mobile barcode scanning in general, our team is here to set you on the road to retail success. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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